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A shady private equity transaction could open up nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations to financial exploitation, and threats to their security and privacy. Read more

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One lesson of the Harvey Weinstein case: Limiting nondisclosure agreements and other means of concealment ought to be a priority for reform. Read more

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The mega-bank has created 61 different off-balance-sheet corporations with help from companies based in the Cayman Islands. That looks in no way shady! Read more

Money, Politics and Power


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Workers must be given a stronger voice so technological change benefits everyone, not just managers and executives. Read more

Working in America

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Today on TAP: In California, big business tries to overturn pro-worker legislation Read more


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Private equity firms and other investors have turned freestanding emergency departments into cash machines, at the expense of patients. Read more

Health and Social Policy

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Today on TAP: Tufts removes the Sackler name from its campus Read more


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Vox cites a new California law against misclassifying workers as its smoke screen—excuse us, reason—for mass layoffs. Read more

Working in America

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Legal scholars have penned a statement of beliefs about how to best disrupt corporate concentration. Read more

Economic Policy

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The staffers, several of whom work for reps on the subcommittee overseeing pharmaceuticals, met with executives from drug companies Merck and Genentech. Read more

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Today on TAP: The consulting firm suggests cutting food and medical care for immigrants in detention Read more


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Axios’s lead sponsor-enabler Mike Allen leads a ‘hometown’ discussion presented by the giant recidivist bank. Read more

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A look back at the origins of the 21st-century left Read more

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The event gathers everyone in the tax policy world to mix and mingle. Read more

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Responding to Congress, they make clear that forced arbitration gives them the means to sidestep the law. Read more

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Executives from the consulting firm’s energy, banking, and health care practices have maxed out to Mayor Pete’s presidential campaign. Read more

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A Capitol Hill event from the social media giant gives lawmaker staffs direct access to executives. Read more

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‘Democracy dollars’ and an influx of small donations powered progressive city council members to victory over corporate money. Read more

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There are basically only five ways to accumulate a billion dollars, and none of them has to do with being successful in free market capitalism. Read more

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And it’s doing so by leveraging its market power in extreme, perhaps illegal ways. Read more

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