Cory Booker

Presidential candidate and New Jersey Senator Cory Booker has become the Democrats’ leading drum-beater for nuclear power. Read more

Energy and the Environment

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By taking super PAC support, Joe Biden and other 2020 candidates are ceding legitimacy on fighting money in politics. Read more



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Many see nuclear power as a necessary part of any carbon-neutral mix. The reality isn’t so simple. Read more

Green New Deal


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His neighborhood story was gripping; his buyback policy could actually work. Read more

Money, Politics and Power


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Cory Booker’s big idea to rein in exclusionary zoning Read more

Civil Rights in America


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It’s economics: Cory Booker’s Wall Street liberalism versus Bill de Blasio’s anti-corporate populism. These divisions will shape the 2016 presidential contest.  Read more

Money, Politics and Power