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David Dayen is the executive editor of The American Prospect. His work has appeared in The Intercept, The New Republic, HuffPost, The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and more. His first book, Chain of Title: How Three Ordinary Americans Uncovered Wall Street's Great Foreclosure Fraud, winner of the Studs and Ida Terkel Prize, was released by The New Press in 2016.

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Jandos Rothstein

The presidential candidate is a mirror image of Trump. Read more


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Damairs Carter/MediaPunch /IPX

The scuffle in Nevada will look a lot like other fights with stakeholders in health care reform. Read more

Working in America

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Matt Rourke/AP Photo

An unusual attack on a pro-labor candidate is all about Medicare for All. Read more



Mark Schiefelbein/AP Photo

The world has given over much of its manufacturing supply chain to China. That has magnified vulnerability to a pandemic shock. Read more

America and the World


Victor Juhasz

And where the polling is more mixed says a lot about where Democratic politics focuses its energies these days. Read more

Day One Agenda

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Chris Carlson/AP Photo

He represents an establishment that has put its own position in the party above the party’s success. It’s time to go. Read more


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Charlie Neibergall/AP Photo

The Iowa caucus disaster is a function of a broken economic structure that rewards con artistry over competence. Read more


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Michael Brochstein/Sipa USA via AP Images

Using a resolution of disapproval, Democrats can force every senator and representative to state their position on the Trump administration’s block grant scheme. Read more

Health and Social Policy

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Jeff Chiu/AP Photo

Scores of center-left think tanks, consumer, civil rights, and human rights groups attend a summit at Google headquarters, which critics term ‘soft capture.’ Read more

Money, Politics and Power


Sadiq Asyraf/AP Photo

The mega-bank has been negotiating a settlement in the extravagant 1MDB fraud scheme. But the case, which impoverished a whole country, reveals that Goldman remains unreformed, unchained, and too big to regulate. Read more

Money, Politics and Power

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This week’s invite features more corporate issue advocacy in the guise of promoting discussion. Read more

Health and Social Policy


John Locher/AP Photo

The candidate with the most money, most committed supporters, and now the highest early-state poll numbers was dismissed by the Democratic establishment for months. It was a disqualifying mistake. Read more

, Politics


Prospect illustration using image by Thomas-Soellner/iStock by Getty

Though the Congressional Budget Office is obscure to most Americans, politicians have enabled it to stand in the way of progressive ambitions. They don’t have to. Read more


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Courtesy Sarah Riggs Amico campaign

How Senate candidate Sarah Riggs Amico, running against ex-CEO David Perdue in Georgia, sacrificed her family business investment to save jobs and pensions. Read more


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Carrie Antlfinger/AP Photo

What was accomplished by two years of trade chaos and the subsequent ‘deals’? Not much. Read more

Economic Policy


Electronic Frontier Foundation

A shady private equity transaction could open up nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations to financial exploitation, and threats to their security and privacy. Read more

Money, Politics and Power


Senate Television via AP

That’s one reason why the upcoming caucuses may be a dry run for the big organizing needed in November’s general election. Read more



Andrew Harnik/AP Photo

The proposal for ‘chained CPI,’ a cut to future benefits, during the Obama administration led to its widespread use in other areas of the government. Read more


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Senate Television via AP

Highlights from our coverage as we move into the historic Senate impeachment trial Read more



Annaliese Nurnberg/Missourian via AP

Right-wing legal institutes see an opportunity to undermine public education. Read more

Education in America

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