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Democrats shy from confrontation in Tuesday’s debate, but Warren may get a bounce from her not-quite-but-more-than-confrontational comeback. Read more



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And he’s on a path to win as long as timid Democrats do nothing about it. Read more


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With only one debate, candidates will get the national stage before the deadline for disclosing their third-quarter donor information. Read more

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The best way to avoid the curse of déjà vu would be for the moderators to turn the discussion to topics they’ve thus far scanted. Read more

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The former Pennsylvania governor's long track record makes it too easy to unearth examples of his own hypocrisy. Read more

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Governors used to be surefire presidential material. What changed? Read more

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Tomorrow the DNC votes on a resolution to hold a climate debate, but Chair Tom Perez’s competing resolution would undermine that effort. Read more

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A little intersectionality would go a long way. Read more

Civil Rights in America

So it’s up to the candidates to convey to Americans just how dire the stakes are internationally. Read more

America and the World


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The Democratic debate was an inevitable by-product of turning news into an entertainment and cultural product. Read more

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A Q&A with Henry Williams, college student and presidential-campaign operative Read more

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Stealing the election? Hell, what really irks Republicans is that they think Democrats have stolen their country. Read more

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It’s been a rough few weeks for those who bear the psychic scars of sexual transgression, and the final presidential debate won’t be easy to watch, either. Read more

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Having lost the women’s vote, the Trump campaign doubles down on gendered language. Read more

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How Clinton could get an even bigger bounce after the next debate Read more

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