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A Neil Gorsuch ruling in 2016 has led to a marked increase in serious injuries to children from ingesting magnets. Read more

Law and Justice

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The economics profession has a lot to answer for, but even its sharpest thinkers seem too wedded to a disproven pre–financial crisis mindset. Read more


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The Commodity Futures Trading Commission is a critical derivatives regulator, and a House reauthorization fails to fortify it. Read more

Money, Politics and Power

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Today on TAP: More bank deregulation from the Trump administration Read more



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The Trump administration is working to roll back a chemical safety disaster rule, putting communities like Baytown, Texas, at risk. Read more

Energy and the Environment


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In 2001, Congress rescinded the ergonomics standard that was designed to stem a range of common disabling workplace injuries. Absent regulation, injuries increased and large numbers of people were treated with addictive pain medications. Read more

Health and Social Policy

At the behest of a big-bank trade group, Gottheimer rallied 16 of his fellow Democrats to join him in urging financial regulators to gut a provision of Dodd-Frank that protects insured depository institutions from risky trading. Read more

Economic Policy


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It would be convenient to blame Trump’s deregulation. But the regulatory failure that ended in two tragic crashes was all too bipartisan. Read more

Money, Politics and Power


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The gains go to the top and the losses trickle down to everyone else. Read more

Economic Policy


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With Kavanaugh's confirmation, it would become nearly impossible for Congress to put into place programs designed to protect the weak and vulnerable from irresponsible businesses. Read more

Law and Justice


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A new bill supported by both Democrats and Republicans is yet another deregulatory action that gives Wall Street room to run in dangerous directions. Read more

Money, Politics and Power