Dorothy Samuels

Dorothy Samuels, a former member of the New York Times Editorial Board, is a senior fellow at the Brennan Center for Justice.


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The instinct to punish judges for an unpopular or mistaken decision is alive and well and imperiling judicial independence. Read more

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Planned Parenthood’s new petition for high court review involves a state restriction on medication abortion nearly identical to one the nation’s top court ruled unconstitutional in 2016. Read more

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As the justices take up the Masterpiece Cakeshop case this week, a pithy amicus brief from First Amendment experts unravels the bakery owner’s free speech complaint. Read more

Law and Justice


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A ruling for the bakery owner in the so-called “cake case” before the Supreme Court could inflict untold harm on gay people, true religious liberty, and civil rights. Read more

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The DOJ’s investigation represents a threat to leakers, whistleblowers, and robust journalism. Read more

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The president’s proposal to defund the nation’s flagship domestic service program is unwise and unpatriotic. Lawmakers should look elsewhere to make cuts.  Read more

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The administration continues to lunge in the wrong direction and to threaten harm to women everywhere. Read more

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So little time, so much damage to women’s rights and wellbeing Read more

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Another presidential assault on the courts and poor people—and another critical institution heedlessly threatened.   Read more

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Democrats should require Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee to respond to basic questions about his judicial philosophy and views on past cases. Read more

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Donald Trump did not just reinstate a pre-Obama ban on U.S. assistance to overseas groups that perform or even talk about abortion, he vastly expanded its reach. Read more

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Record spending by secretive outside special interests in state supreme court races poses a stark threat to the impartiality of the nation’s courts. Read more

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Roe v. Wade will stand for now, but the essential right it protects is in Trump’s line of fire. Read more

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The Republican Party will never solve its woman problem until its leaders abandon candidates and policies that seek to rob women of their basic right to make their own child-bearing decisions. Read more

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Unlimited, undisclosed spending is playing an ever-greater role in state supreme court races, undermining the fairness of the courts and putting judges at risk of conflicts of interest. Read more

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