Emily Erdos

Emily Erdos is an editorial intern at The American Prospect.

With the recovery from Hurricane Florence gearing up in the Carolinas, the post-Sandy experiences of one section of New York provide important clues about how low-income residents and people of color fare after natural disasters. Read more

Housing and Transportation

The Massachusetts Democrat details her plan to rescue the federal government from the swamp monsters Donald Trump unleashed on Washington. Read more

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With a little fine-tuning, USPS could revamp its self-service parcel locker system to compete with Amazon and win over millennials. Read more

Money, Politics and Power


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With post-census redistricting just a few years away, states have the opportunity to enact reforms that prevent the most egregious gerrymandering. Read more

Civil Rights in America


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Voting glitches in Maryland demonstrate how extreme gerrymandering damages voters’ confidence in elections. Read more

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Emily Erdos & Fiona Redmond

At Washington's Families Belong Together March, the words that people said, wrote, and held up expanded the march's original slogan to incorporate a diversity of causes. Read more

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A state-by-state breakdown of where abortion and same-sex marriage would remain legal—and where they wouldn’t Read more

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