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The four biggest tech firms are all opening offices in a very specific section of Manhattan, which happens to be the home district of one of their chief antagonists in Washington. Read more

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Responding to Congress, they make clear that forced arbitration gives them the means to sidestep the law. Read more

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A Capitol Hill event from the social media giant gives lawmaker staffs direct access to executives. Read more

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The FACEBOOK CEO takes a beating before Congress, while dodging several key regulatory and governance issues about the virtual currency. Read more

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Today on TAP: Libra isn’t happening, and the Facebook CEO knows it Read more


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The agency’s antitrust investigation of Facebook is ongoing. Read more

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Unrestrained digital markets have given us monopoly, pervasive surveillance, and powerful vectors of disinformation. But a new agenda is emerging to turn things around. Read more

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Netflix’s ‘The Great Hack’ director Karim Amer discusses how stolen personal data are manipulated to advance demagoguery and disinformation. Read more

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The FTC admitted taking a higher settlement figure from Facebook in exchange for declining to depose Mark Zuckerberg. Read more

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The day after one regulator announces an investigation into Big Tech, another gives Facebook a wet kiss. It’s all part of a pattern. Read more

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The platform monopolies face three hearings on Capitol Hill that could define future actions against them. Read more

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Staffers challenge Facebook’s happy talk about its digital currency in a briefing. Read more

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Despite the company’s plan to issue its own currency, lawmakers haven’t grasped the threat this poses to the world’s economy. Read more

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They’re shaping our market, our democracy—our entire reality. If we’re going to fix them, we need to understand them. Read more

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Two missed opportunities from the Federal Trade Commission, on Google and Facebook, led us to the monopoly crisis we face today. Read more

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Newsrooms across the country are laying off journalists, because the ad dollars generated from their work all filter up to Big Tech. Read more

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Once you understand the tech giants are capturing unguarded human experience, their business makes sense. Read more

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Their sheer market power destroys rivals and abuses data of users. Read more

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We should be rooting for the success of the General Data Protection Regulation. Read more

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