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The former Pennsylvania governor's long track record makes it too easy to unearth examples of his own hypocrisy. Read more

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The president unleashes a tweetstorm against the mayor of San Juan and anything else associated with the island except, of course, his own failed leadership. Read more

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The generational clash between the old guard and the new kids on the block could get ugly in the Bay State. Read more

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Esteban Whiteside

In stark paintings and intense, vibrant collages, Whiteside confronts what Donald Trump has wrought and how the long arc of oppression in the American experience oozes into the lives of people of color every day. Read more

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As The Baltimore Sun wrote, it’s better to have a few rats than to be one. Read more

Civil Rights in America


Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call via AP Images

The president stokes race-baiting and potentially worse in service of his re-election campaign. Democrats must continue to call out these distractions and his epic failure to address the real concerns of average Americans. Read more

Civil Rights in America


Oliver Contreras/SIPA USA/AP Images

Trump’s latest campaign ploy recruits ordinary people to sing his environmental praises. Read more

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After recent subway derailments, Wu has taken up the banner that state political leaders have dropped, sounding the alarm that Massachusetts officials must develop comprehensive solutions to the beleaguered transit system before it’s too late. Read more

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Susan Collins remains favored to recapture her Senate seat. But she will have her work cut out for her—if she decides to run. Read more

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Democrats are ascendant in Pine Tree State. As Mainers breathe easier and state officials begin to clean up the mess left behind by former governor Paul LePage and his cabal, can Maine provide a beacon for the rest of America? Read more

Money, Politics and Power

Trump is all about his own drama, even when presented with a chance to build projects that can save Americans’ lives. Read more

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Matt Born/The Star-News via AP

The latest episode of Infrastructure Week was brought to you by the number two trillion. Read more

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AP Photo/Paul Sancya

But while the president refuses to set or enforce real standards, congressional support for domestic production is rising in both parties. Read more

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Faced with a nationwide backlash, the world’s largest online retailer pulls back its plan for cashless stores. For now. Read more

Economic Policy

Portland, Oregon, and New York are taking different routes to charging drivers who need to get downtown during the rush hour. They’ll also have to think hard about the impacts on low-income residents. Read more

Housing and Transportation


AP Photo/Mel Evans, File

Preoccupied with his border wall, Trump has little to say about newly authorized funding—and he’s still sitting on last year’s money. Read more

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AP Photo/Charles Krupa

Can an intergenerational alliance solidify a Democratic consensus on climate? Read more

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The outrage that greeted the Iowa Republican’s latest transgression means little so long as the GOP continues to let Donald Trump off the hook.  Read more

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AP Photo/Gerald Herbert, File

The Supreme Court has allowed Massachusetts to access the fossil fuel giant’s records—one of many legal challenges the company now faces.  Read more

Energy and the Environment


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A Naval Academy historian examines how a savvy president and his smart advisors failed in Southeast Asia and helped sow the seeds of polarization in American politics and society. Read more

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