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A Sanders-Trump election would not be a face-off between left and right, but between democracy and incipient fascism. Read more


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A neo-Nazi commercial empire, a German minister, and the fight for a country’s soul Read more

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Europe’s nationalist identity politicians may be running out of steam. Read more

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The elections to the European Parliament halted the rise of the far right but produced more fragmentation—and that’s not good enough. Read more

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The identity crisis imperiling the continent isn’t one of race and religion. It’s one of Europe’s willingness to preserve and expand its liberal values. Read more

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Domestic political turmoil in the European Union’s four largest economies spells trouble ahead. Read more

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In Germany, Angela Merkel announces her intention to step down as party leader. What are the implications for the European Union? Read more

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With the impending departure of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the continent’s fragmentation intensifies. Read more

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It is not too late for the United Kingdom to learn from other EU member-states that with stricter labor market rules and better job training, there is nothing to fear from immigration. Read more

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It’s been half a century since young people around the world asserted that the times were “a-changin’.” Could another youth rebellion be in the making? Read more

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Coalition talks between Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats and Martin Schulz’s Social Democrats have begun. Will the German center hold, or will the talks end in collapse and an end of the Merkel era? Read more

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In this year’s federal election, Angela Merkel won a fourth term, but the German far-right achieved its strongest showing since World War II.   Read more

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Merkel and Macron need each other, as emblems of a still vital European center. But can Macron deliver more than symbols, and will Merkel take her foot off Europe’s oxygen hose? Read more

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