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By announcing it would not comply with a California law reclassifying its workers as employees, Uber is returning to the company’s time-honored tradition as a scofflaw. Read more

Law and Justice


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If AB 5 becomes law, it could open the floodgates to similar legislation in other states. Uber and other companies may then find themselves on the defensive. Read more

Working in America


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The National Labor Relations Board is not just changing rules but reversing long-standing precedents. Read more

Money, Politics and Power


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Some money-losing transit districts shift to ridesharing—but the cost for that may prove even greater. Read more

Housing and Transportation


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Our discussion of the quest for decent jobs continues. Read more

Working in America


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How big is the non-standard workforce, and how do we measure it? Read more

Economic Policy


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The strike by Uber and Lyft drivers came amidst highly anticipated initial public offerings from the two rideshare giants. Read more

Working in America


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As the rideshare app goes public, contract workers are striking for benefits and a living wage. Read more

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Refocusing the Social Security debate around intergenerational justice will ensure the viability of retirement for all. Read more

, Economic Policy


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California's AB 5 could be a gamechanger for millions of workers in the gig economy. Read more

Working in America


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A new California Supreme Court ruling imperils the Uber model of exploitation. Read more

Law and Justice



A new paper suggests how to better regulate the gig economy, but the plan may only reinforce its worst abuses. Read more

Working in America