Gun Violence

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Marcia Brown

At a forum in southeastern Virginia, candidates embrace a cause that once was political poison. Read more



Brittany Gibson

While Democrats win its statewide elections, Republicans have clung to a narrow legislative majority. But next week’s elections may end their reign. Read more

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By arguing that ‘the left’ represents as dangerous a threat as mass shooters and right-wing terrorists, Times writer Bari Weiss cheapens the crisis facing America, one that she has witnessed firsthand. Read more



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We’re making progress on mental illness, as we go backwards on the proliferation of military weapons. Read more

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Talk has increased that Beto O’Rourke should end his presidential campaign to take on John Cornyn in a Senate race. Even if he doesn’t, Democrats have a shot to make gains in the Lone Star State. Read more

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The president of the United States stokes the right-wing disinformation machine. Read more

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Trump has been inviting carnage, and now he has it. Read more

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The perpetrators may live on society’s fringes, but their call to hate comes from the president of the United States. Read more

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How high schoolers in the Washington, D.C., area arranged housing, food, and programs for the weekend’s marchers, and transformed themselves into political organizers Read more

Civil Rights in America

The hundreds of thousands of people who marched in the streets for stronger gun laws have signaled a new social movement. Read more

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Trump’s call to return to the old days of large-scale involuntary mental hospitalization makes no rational sense. Read more

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Even if you believe in gun rights, it's become hard not to see the NRA as a bunch of loony birds. Read more

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Law enforcement officers thwarting school plots seize caches of weapons as the gun debate continues. Read more

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Shortened lives, whether from gun violence or lack of health care, is of no concern to Republican leaders. Read more

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A conversation with former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter Read more

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State and federal lawmakers should take a closer look at the links between abuse and murder and work on new laws to stop batterers from acquiring guns.  Read more

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For years, the gun lobby has framed opposition to gun regulation as being the on the side of angels in America’s culture wars. Read more

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