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Today on TAP: A minority perspective on education Read more


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United for Respect

United for Respect—an organization of, by, and for retail workers—builds support for better pay, fairer hours, and dignity on the job. Read more

Working in America

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Disguised as an effort to reduce veteran suicide, the Improve Act has become a magnet for corporate influence. Read more

Health and Social Policy

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The Medicaid expansion has unequivocally been the most successful part of the Affordable Care Act, and the best part to build upon. Read more

Health and Social Policy


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It's past time to dispense with the scare tactics and accept that Americans would be better off without for-profit, corporate insurers. Read more

Health and Social Policy


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Democratic presidential candidates finally tackled family leave in the November debate, but a major study shows that states can take steps now to address caregiving needs. Read more

Health and Social Policy


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The presidential candidate’s Medicare for All transition plan is a muddle. But it reveals her theory of progress. Read more

Health and Social Policy


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The industry-led Partnership for America’s Health Care Future, which has assailed Democratic presidential candidates’ reform plans, is drawing on Democratic firms for assistance. Read more

Money, Politics and Power

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John Larson used a customer service–style approach to get his fellow Democrats aboard a bill to expand Social Security benefits. Read more


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Young people are diving into activism, but demonstrations that spark clashes between police and civilians contribute to burnout and acute psychological distress. Read more

America and the World

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If the presidential candidate wants to avoid middle-class tax increases, she should vow to drastically push down health care provider prices. Read more

Health and Social Policy

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Biden and Buttigieg get to avoid the cost debate, though their own proposals, if successful, will almost surely cost as much as Sanders’s. Read more


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The outrageous, contrived shortage of one of the most widely used generic cancer drugs, vincristine, reflects multiple policy failures. Read more

Health and Social Policy


Google Maps

NYC’s biggest shelter contractor makes millions, offers shoddy facilities. Read more

, Housing

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The Coalition Against Socialized Medicine, a project of the American Conservative Union, is advertising on Politico Playbook this week. Read more

Health and Social Policy

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Investment firms have created consolidated hospital empires across America, leading to closures, higher prices, and suffering. Read more

Health and Social Policy

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Altria lobbying helped strike down a ban on flavored vaping liquids. Later it bought into Juul. Read more

Health and Social Policy

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Senate Republicans say impeachment will stop legislative progress. But the House embraced a bipartisan measure this week designed to give marijuana businesses unfettered banking access. Will the Senate back it? Read more

Health and Social Policy


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The presidential candidates confirmed to the Prospect that their attorney general would delist cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act. Read more

Day One Agenda


Victor Juhasz

By rescheduling cannabis as a less dangerous narcotic, the next president can upend the drug war and the damaging effects on communities of color. Read more

Day One Agenda