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The Trump administration is seeking to denaturalize and deport longtime U.S. citizens, seizing on tiny mistakes in the process and putting the status of every naturalized citizen at potential risk. Read more

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The ‘public charge’ rule won’t take effect today. But its origins show the Trump administration’s true intent. Read more

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In refugee-style camps from Matamoros to Tijuana, hundreds of asylum seekers are forced to wait under the Remain in Mexico policy—with dangerous implications for public health. Read more

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As part of Trump’s Justice Department, immigration courts are compelled to enforce his political agenda. Read more

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Trump’s policy is no longer in the spotlight, but the ban on visitors from Muslim-majority countries is still separating American families. Read more

Civil Rights in America

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Seeking to relieve the pressure from asylum seekers in border towns, Mexico bused asylum seekers south. The country’s practices could violate international law. Read more

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Last week, Trump took his fight against asylum seekers straight to the top, and the Supreme Court okayed it. Sotomayor and Ginsburg thought that set a scary precedent. Read more

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Long-distance victims of Trump’s war on immigrants, African migrants have few options for refuge and fewer ways to support themselves while they wait. Read more

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Workplace organizing is helping immigrants to understand their rights as ICE and other immigration authorities crack down. Read more

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A professor travels to Texas to talk to the men and women working at detention facilities. Read more

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Charles Reed/U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement via AP

“Nobody takes care of us here,” an 11-year-old boy in a U.S. Border Patrol facility told us. Read more

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Democrats need more than compassionate policies for refugees. They need a policy to deal with the immigrant flow itself. Read more

Civil Rights in America


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The new “public charge” rule could affect more than 20 million immigrants. Read more

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Author Suketu Mehta discusses borders and immigration, and why Western nations must grapple with the legacy of colonialism. Read more



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Democrats are talking about decriminalizing the border, but they’re missing the point—and it will cost them. Read more

Civil Rights in America


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Companies and other entities that make money from Immigration and Customs Enforcement contracts are flush in 2019, thanks to President Trump's harsh immigration operation. Read more

Civil Rights in America


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The Trump administration’s latest rule sought to bar virtually all asylum seekers from filing in the U.S.—and a federal judge in California just blocked it. Read more

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A constitutional battle is brewing in the states over whether lawmakers may draw district lines based on citizenship alone. Read more

Civil Rights in America


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How the interim final rule announced Monday could play out in the courts, and the devastating consequences it could have for asylum seekers Read more

Civil Rights in America


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Concentrated corporate giants like Amazon and the private prison duopoly are sustaining Trump’s cruelties in the migrant camps. Read more

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