Issue: July/August 2013

Issue number: 4

The Danish series Borgen is a huge hit in Europe. Will its mixture of raw politics, social democratic ideals, and human frailties succeed in the U.S.?   Read more

Books, Arts and Culture

For most Americans, life expectancy continues to rise—but not for uneducated white women. They have lost five years, and no one knows why. Read more

Health and Social Policy


Steve Moors

Retirement can be sweet for well-off LGBT elders, but it is fraught with perils for most. Read more

Money, Politics and Power


AP Photo/Toby Talbot

Felony-disenfranchisement laws suppress black turnout enough to swing elections, and the future of reform is murky. Read more

Money, Politics and Power


AP Images/Ismail Ferdous

Western multinationals are behind disasters like the Bangladesh factory collapse. Will public outrage and a new labor agreement lead to improvements for workers? Read more

Economic Policy

GOP lawmakers are trying to turn the South’s most progressive election laws into the nation’s most restrictive. But will they win the battle and lose the war? Read more

Money, Politics and Power


AP Images/A.M. Ahad

As recent calamities show, change takes empathy—plus insisting on making yourself heard. Read more

Books, Arts and Culture

To defeat government bashing, we need public support for the middle-class emblems of higher education and housing.  Read more

Economic Policy

Can numbers-happy fantasy sports replace team play as a metaphor for the American way of living?  Read more

Books, Arts and Culture

Habeas corpus, the age-old means for prisoners to challenge their detention, has never been more restricted than it is now. Read more

Law and Justice


Trent Bell Photography / The Lewitt Estate / Artists Rights Society

The Colby College Museum of Art reopens, ready to share its $100 million gift and quietly bold vision. Read more

Books, Arts and Culture


Marco Saavedra (Steve Pavey)

How three young undocumented activists risked everything to expose the injustices of immigrant detention—and invented a new form of protest.  Read more

Civil Rights in America


AP Photo/Ben Margot

What will become of its secretive California hometown? Read more

Energy and the Environment


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Can a rediscovered first draft of Let Us Now Praise Famous Men speak more directly to our time than the finished masterpiece?  Read more


The author's chronicle of solitary Americans after the financial crash is nostalgic—but for what, exactly?  Read more

Money, Politics and Power