Issue: Spring 2015

Issue number: 2


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Why the current policy for national cyber defense leaves us open to attack.  Read more

America and the World


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Do altruistic groups always beat selfish groups? A new book claims they do.  Read more

Energy and the Environment


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The Democrats may now be turning to a long-stalled agenda for working parents.  Read more

Civil Rights in America

Drawing the right lessons from the past quarter-century Read more

Economic Policy


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The mortgage collapse was an entirely avoidable crisis—a brew of elite financial lobbying and bad policy.  Read more



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The tension between religiosity and secular government goes back to the nation’s founding.   Read more



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Two new books explain how rising inequality shattered the working-class family of the mid-20th century. Read more


As opportunists try to hijack the movement's legacy, let's remember what actually occurred. Read more

Law and Justice

Francis has challenged the Catholic Church. How much can he change it? Read more

Books, Arts and Culture


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Hardly anyone notices when government works—so how to design policies that get credit? Read more

Money, Politics and Power

How and why Minnesota is outpacing Wisconsin Read more

Money, Politics and Power


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Once reliably blue strongholds, Wisconsin's and Minnesota's political paths have diverged in recent years. Read more

Money, Politics and Power


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Policies to help the broad range of families are better for kids—and better for progressive politics. Read more

Money, Politics and Power

Elena Kagan is rewriting the role of a Supreme Court justice in American democracy. Read more

Books, Arts and Culture

Aspiring to own a home and pursue an education are quintessentially American ideals. It's time to make those dreams accessible again. Read more

Economic Policy

Protecting democracy from oligarchic dominance is, once again, a central imperative of American politics. Read more

Economic Policy

The key to understanding the rise in inequality isn’t technology or globalization. It’s the power of the moneyed interests to shape the underlying rules of the market. Read more

Money, Politics and Power


Victor Juhasz

Twenty-five years later, the world has changed in crucial ways that factor into our thinking. Read more

Economic Policy

The new American electorate could offer a durable majority--if Democrats address economic needs with progressive policies, not centrist ones. Read more

Civil Rights in America

One of the cruelest manifestations of widening inequality happens in life's final quarter. Read more

Economic Policy