Issue: Summer 2019

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Monopoly Nation features stories by David Dayen, Dina Srinivasan, Rachel M. Cohen, and more, on concentrated corporate power and how if affects our privacy, our democracy, our lives at work, our finances, and our well-being. 


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Do Walmart and Amazon's logistics triumphs reveal a path forward for a centrally planned economy? Read more

Economic Policy


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How neoliberals captured the machinery of the state to keep citizens from regulating markets Read more



Oxford University Press

A new biography connects the life and work of the great radical historian of capitalism. Read more



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Entrenched power is the problem. What can be done about it? Read more

Law and Justice


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If they have the smarts, Democrats can prevent a schism in the progressive coalition, and turn the Green New Deal into a jobs machine for workers displaced from the carbon economy. Read more

Energy and the Environment


Mary Parsons

The invisible hand is more like a thumb on the scale for the world’s elites. That’s why market fundamentalism has been unmasked as bogus economics but keeps winning politically. Read more

Economic Policy


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They’re shaping our market, our democracy—our entire reality. If we’re going to fix them, we need to understand them. Read more

Economic Policy

How today’s antitrust law strengthens top-down corporate control and weakens democratic cooperation Read more

Economic Policy


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Insulin is a 100-year-old drug whose wholesale price has tripled in ten years. The reasons why explain everything wrong with America’s broken prescription drug market. Read more

Health and Social Policy


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When the Roberts Court all but nullified the Voting Rights Act, it said the pre-1965 practices were long gone. New hearings by the House make clear: They’re back. Read more

Money, Politics and Power


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The Trump administration has proposed to adjust how we measure poverty, in an ill-disguised attempt to cut benefit levels. Read more

Economic Policy


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"The problem is a government that won't get in the fight on the side of the people."  Read more

Economic Policy



Today's teens are likely to be even more progressive than the millennials who voted in 2018, but will they show up? Read more

Money, Politics and Power


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The elections to the European Parliament halted the rise of the far right but produced more fragmentation—and that’s not good enough. Read more

America and the World

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