Issue: Winter 2016

Issue number: 1


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Incremental changes to existing gun laws could help deter mass shootings and gun homicides.  Read more

Health and Social Policy


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The mass folly of mass incarceration and the road back to sane prison policy.  Read more



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A new history deepens our understanding of the origins of the gay rights movement and the transformation it has brought about. Read more


How tech companies became detached from urban life and its problems—even when the city is their home.  Read more

Energy and the Environment

Why is Miami—America’s most vulnerable metropolis to sea-level rise—having yet another beachfront development boom? Read more

Energy and the Environment

The Golden State is the nation’s most liberal—but it has yet to untie its fiscal knots. Read more



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Pumping big money into the national political parties, as many now propose, would weaken the parties in the long run and invite another round of soft-money abuses. Read more

Money, Politics and Power

Housing voucher recipients can move to better neighborhoods only if states and localities break down suburban barriers. Read more

Economic Policy

It took 150 years after America officially abolished slavery to get a national museum on the black experience. Read more

Books, Arts and Culture


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Why we have one banking system for the well-off and a “Wild West” fringe for everyone else. Read more

Economic Policy

For Ted Kennedy, political leadership meant moving public opinion—not chasing after an elusive center.  Read more


Can the movement rebuild itself below the Mason-Dixon line, and change Southern politics in the process? Read more

Working in America

The party has moved left in response to hard times. That should help it at the polls—but will it?  Read more

Money, Politics and Power

Will the eight years of America's first black president lead to more political voice for black citizens—or less? Read more

Civil Rights in America

More mainstream economists now find that the income mal-distribution reflects the political sway of elites, not economic imperatives.  Read more

Economic Policy

How Census Bureau statistics have misled thinking about the American future.  Read more

Civil Rights in America


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Donald Trump, a candidate with all the subtlety of talk radio, is the perfect expression of both the politics and media of our time. Read more

Money, Politics and Power


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The welfare reform of the 1990s left millions of Americans near destitution. Read more


Richards faces down attacks that may yet backfire on the right.  Read more

Health and Social Policy


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Going into 2012, Obama had Osama. Going into 2016, the Democrats need the fall of Raqqa and Mosul. Read more

America and the World