Jan/Feb 2020 Issue

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Cameron Kiszla/Park Labrea News/Beverly Press

Union drives in cultural institutions like museums are exposing hypocrisy—and perhaps, expanding the popular image of labor rights. Read more

Working in America

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Eli Valley

‘Literal Nazis are crashing our events now?!’ Read more

Books, Arts and Culture

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Pavel Golovkin/AP Images

How policy blunders under Bill Clinton and George W. Bush helped bring about a post-communist Russia hostile to democracy, free markets, and the West Read more

America and the World

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Sebastian Haak/picture-alliance/dpa via AP Images

A neo-Nazi commercial empire, a German minister, and the fight for a country’s soul Read more

America and the World

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J. Scott Applewhite/AP Photo

Two new histories show how the egalitarian advances under Earl Warren were reversed. Read more



Prospect illustration using image by Thomas-Soellner/iStock by Getty

Though the Congressional Budget Office is obscure to most Americans, politicians have enabled it to stand in the way of progressive ambitions. They don’t have to. Read more



Victor Juhasz

The 2020 Democratic primary has been as much about how candidates raise money as what they want to do once in office. Read more

Money, Politics and Power


Scott Sonner/AP Photo

Why do some offenders get a fresh start while others receive harsh, one-size-fits-all sentencing? Read more


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Martin Scorsese’s new movie and a Harvard professor’s new book provide a picture, but only partial explanations, of the Teamster leader’s ultimately suicidal rage. Read more

Books, Arts and Culture

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Mohamed El Raai/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

Liberal arts are under pressure from neoliberalism and the commodification of education. The bigger threat might be autocracy. Read more

America and the World


Craig Ruttle/AP Images

A case in Canadian federal court attacks the administration’s model for stopping the flow of migrants seeking assistance: a refugee law ‘loophole.’ Read more

Law and Justice


Orlin Wagner/AP Photo

Big cities have shunned free public transit. Now, KC’s free-fares push may provide transit systems across the country with a ‘how-to’ guide. Read more

Housing and Transportation


Bebeto Matthews/AP Photo

One lesson of the Harvey Weinstein case: Limiting nondisclosure agreements and other means of concealment ought to be a priority for reform. Read more

Money, Politics and Power


Jose R. Lopez

The Canadian system, also called Medicare, guarantees coverage to every resident north of the U.S. border. Read more

Health and Social Policy