Justice Department

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Legal scholars have penned a statement of beliefs about how to best disrupt corporate concentration. Read more

Economic Policy

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The attorney general is using the full resources of his office in pursuit of preposterous conspiracy theories. Read more


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The Trump administration is seeking to denaturalize and deport longtime U.S. citizens, seizing on tiny mistakes in the process and putting the status of every naturalized citizen at potential risk. Read more

Law and Justice

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As part of Trump’s Justice Department, immigration courts are compelled to enforce his political agenda. Read more

Law and Justice


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Its plainly political investigation of auto companies that agreed to California’s emission standards is just that absurd. Read more

Law and Justice


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The day after one regulator announces an investigation into Big Tech, another gives Facebook a wet kiss. It’s all part of a pattern. Read more

Money, Politics and Power


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The insurance company/pharmacy merger could have been fixed to prevent market power, even if it wasn’t totally blocked. Read more

Economic Policy


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At the annual NAACP convention, the contrast between the messaging from Rod Rosenstein, Jeff Sessions’s number two, and Eric Holder, Barack Obama’s first attorney general, was stark. Read more

Civil Rights in America