Sonia Sotomayor


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Last week, Trump took his fight against asylum seekers straight to the top, and the Supreme Court okayed it. Sotomayor and Ginsburg thought that set a scary precedent. Read more

Law and Justice


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At heart, the dissenters in Schuette v. BAMN argue, a Michigan amendment outlawing affirmative action deprives minorities access to the political process. Read more

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Friday's legal news round-up Read more

Law and Justice

The Supreme Court justice shows total disregard for the wisdom of the Founders. Read more

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For Obama's Supreme Court appointees, a case involving the right to face one's accuser provides an important litmus test on civil liberties. Read more

Law and Justice

Sotomayor's hearings shelved the stereotype that progressive judges rule based on their hearts and treat the Constitution as a play toy. Read more