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Courtesy Sarah Riggs Amico campaign

How Senate candidate Sarah Riggs Amico, running against ex-CEO David Perdue in Georgia, sacrificed her family business investment to save jobs and pensions. Read more



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The new Clean Slate report alerts the public and policymakers about the dismal state of worker power and worker voice. Read more

Working in America


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State legislative staff in Delaware have become the first in the country to seek to unionize. Read more

Working in America


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Workers must be given a stronger voice so technological change benefits everyone, not just managers and executives. Read more

Working in America

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As the bill moves from the House to the Senate, a billionaire mine owner seeks to defeat an American miners’ strike by employing scabs—which the pending accord would outlaw. Read more

America and the World

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Los Angeles’s hotel and restaurant local is no giant, but it has blazed trails for the entire American labor movement. Read more

Working in America

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United for Respect

United for Respect—an organization of, by, and for retail workers—builds support for better pay, fairer hours, and dignity on the job. Read more

Working in America

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A bipartisan bill now in Congress would legalize undocumented agricultural workers—but also bring in wage-depressing foreign contract workers with no rights. Read more

Working in America

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    The East Side Access project in New York City