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The loan training video also appears to conflict with the solar company's ethics policies. Read more

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How Justice Kagan’s invocation of the plain language of the law has come under attack Read more

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A new proposed rule would allow ‘rent-a-bank’ schemes that could permit unlimited interest rates on loans as long as they come via a chartered bank Read more

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Recent critiques of the proposed levies hinge on breathing new life into the Constitutional Convention’s infamous compromise with slavery. Read more

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An article from Federalist Society board chair Steven Calabresi misapplies constitutional amendments about jury trials to the impeachment inquiry. Read more


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ABC News Chief Legal Affairs Anchor Dan Abrams discusses his new book ‘Theodore Roosevelt for the Defense: The Courtroom Battle to Save His Legacy’ and how it resonates today. Read more


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Five possibilities for strengthening the Court and rebuilding public trust Read more

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Introducing our series on how Washington works. Read more

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When it comes to LGBT workplace rights, the justices will rule on whether the landmark 1964 statute means what it says and says what it means. Read more

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The story of Katharine Gun, a whistle-blower who exposed NSA spying in the lead-up to the Iraq War, gets the Hollywood treatment. Read more

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By announcing it would not comply with a California law reclassifying its workers as employees, Uber is returning to the company’s time-honored tradition as a scofflaw. Read more

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Its plainly political investigation of auto companies that agreed to California’s emission standards is just that absurd. Read more

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Republican political strategist Ed Lopez discusses the federalist argument for the National Popular Vote. Read more

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Commissioner Rohit Chopra dissented from a fine against Google for violations of child privacy laws, but the FTC redacted his explanation of how the fine was smaller than the earnings from the violations. Read more

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The co-founder of Demand Justice has called on the next Democratic president to reject corporate lawyers for judicial nominations. Read more

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A professor travels to Texas to talk to the men and women working at detention facilities. Read more

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A new poll shows fewer than a quarter of voters in any state favor the outright abortion bans some Republicans are now trying to enact. Read more

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The new “public charge” rule could affect more than 20 million immigrants. Read more

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Mueller's lackluster performance actually increased Democratic support for a full investigation of Trump. Read more

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The FTC admitted taking a higher settlement figure from Facebook in exchange for declining to depose Mark Zuckerberg. Read more

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