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A case in Canadian federal court attacks the administration’s model for stopping the flow of migrants seeking assistance: a refugee law ‘loophole.’ Read more

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Demonstrators used Virginia’s annual Lobby Day to rage against the Democratic legislature’s imminent, and popular, gun safety proposals. Read more

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And advocates say that should be the end of the story. Read more

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Using the power granted under the Higher Education Act, Warren vows to cancel student debt on day one. Read more

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Our writing fellow’s best stories of the year. Read more

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The Trump administration has intensified its assault on protections for immigrants and asylum seekers, but you wouldn’t know it from watching Thursday’s debate. Read more


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Meg McLaughlin/The Dispatch-The Rock Island Argus via AP

An allegation of a campaign finance violation in Rhode Island highlights Buttigieg’s backsliding on campaign finance transparency. Read more


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Virginia plans to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment next year, kicking off a battle over its fate. Read more

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Extinction Rebellion’s solution to climate stalemate involves a radical change to how government works. Read more

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Eli Jenkinson/Friends to Elect Robert Emmons Jr.

Robert Emmons Jr. is challenging 27-year incumbent Bobby Rush in the Democratic primary. Read more


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Marcia Brown

The Duterte regime plants ‘evidence’ on call center union members who declined to scab when U.S. workers walked off the job. Read more

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The ‘safe third country’ agreement between the U.S. and Canada is on trial in Canada’s federal court. New Democratic Party MP Jenny Kwan says the agreement, which makes it harder to apply for asylum, is immoral. Read more

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The case rests on whether that decision is reviewable by the courts or not. Read more

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Marcia Brown

Arguments began Monday on Canada’s ‘safe third country’ agreement with the U.S., but protesters and plaintiffs argue that the agreement should be immediately suspended. Read more

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Marcia Brown

At a forum in southeastern Virginia, candidates embrace a cause that once was political poison. Read more



Brittany Gibson

While Democrats win its statewide elections, Republicans have clung to a narrow legislative majority. But next week’s elections may end their reign. Read more

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Albin Lohr-Jones/Sipa USA via AP Images

Unlike other unions over the last 30 years, CWA has continued to strike—and continued to win. Their enduring preparedness starts with something as simple as wearing red. Read more

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The Court heard a case about whether to allow states to set immigration policies. Here’s what it was like inside the courtroom. Read more

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The ‘public charge’ rule won’t take effect today. But its origins show the Trump administration’s true intent. Read more

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In refugee-style camps from Matamoros to Tijuana, hundreds of asylum seekers are forced to wait under the Remain in Mexico policy—with dangerous implications for public health. Read more

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