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Today on TAP: Journalists analyzed escalating attacks on the media at the Arab Center Washington D.C.’s annual conference Read more


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Today on TAP: ‘How to Beat Trump in 2020’ misses the mark Read more


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Today on TAP: Boeing’s hard-copy apology blitz Read more


Today on TAP: The Prospect celebrates its 30th anniversary Read more


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Today on TAP: The sloppiest word in journalism Read more


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And unsurprisingly the U.S. under Trump and Pompeo isn’t standing up for press freedom. Read more

America and the World

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Unrestrained digital markets have given us monopoly, pervasive surveillance, and powerful vectors of disinformation. But a new agenda is emerging to turn things around. Read more

Money, Politics and Power

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As was not the case in 1974, Republicans now have counterfactual media that allows or compels them to ignore blatant lawbreaking. Read more



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Center for Public Integrity CEO Susan Smith Richardson discusses the importance of local communities in national coverage of the Trump administration's corruption and the 2020 campaign. Read more

Books, Arts and Culture


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On September 5, The New York Times’ David Brooks published a communiqué from an internet extremist. On the same day, the Prospect also received a message from this same individual. Read more

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Commissioner Rohit Chopra dissented from a fine against Google for violations of child privacy laws, but the FTC redacted his explanation of how the fine was smaller than the earnings from the violations. Read more

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Esteban Whiteside

In stark paintings and intense, vibrant collages, Whiteside confronts what Donald Trump has wrought and how the long arc of oppression in the American experience oozes into the lives of people of color every day. Read more

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Democratic candidates are returning en masse to Great Society–era policies, which may also hold the key to rescuing the Fourth Estate. Read more

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“People, they need to believe. And nowadays, they’ll believe anything.” Read more

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The Democratic debate was an inevitable by-product of turning news into an entertainment and cultural product. Read more

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A legal society is reinterpreting the law on consumer contracts to make it even easier to fool people with bad terms and conditions, critics charge. Read more

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Newsrooms across the country are laying off journalists, because the ad dollars generated from their work all filter up to Big Tech. Read more

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The digital activist Ahmed Mansoor’s hunger strike exposes the UAE’s repression. Read more

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Labor is working to educate shareholders about the true costs of bad investments. Read more

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American journalism’s most acclaimed program for young writers and reporters has openings for our 2019-2021 fellowships.  Read more

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