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Today on TAP: The candidate’s new ad is misleading at best Read more


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Today on TAP: Remembering two much-admired friends Read more


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Today on TAP: Health care and free college are not radical ideas Read more


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Vox cites a new California law against misclassifying workers as its smoke screen—excuse us, reason—for mass layoffs. Read more

Working in America

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Buttigieg used his dry wit to connect at The Washington Post, but his cluelessness on racism seems remarkably intact. Read more


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The business news website treats corporate propaganda like some brilliant new insight, as long as it comes from a Wall Street Democrat. Read more

Money, Politics and Power

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Axios’s lead sponsor-enabler Mike Allen leads a ‘hometown’ discussion presented by the giant recidivist bank. Read more

Money, Politics and Power

Today on TAP: Introducing the Prospect Monthly Donor Challenge Read more


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Today on TAP: U.S. education policy in the polls Read more


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Today on TAP: The presidential candidate’s entry calls off one of the nation’s largest news outlets from investigative coverage Read more


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Today on TAP: A minority perspective on education Read more


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Today on TAP: Wall Street Democrats fear a Warren nomination Read more


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Today on TAP: Journalists analyzed escalating attacks on the media at the Arab Center Washington D.C.’s annual conference Read more


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Today on TAP: ‘How to Beat Trump in 2020’ misses the mark Read more


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Today on TAP: Boeing’s hard-copy apology blitz Read more


Today on TAP: The Prospect celebrates its 30th anniversary Read more


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Today on TAP: The sloppiest word in journalism Read more


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And unsurprisingly the U.S. under Trump and Pompeo isn’t standing up for press freedom. Read more

America and the World

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Unrestrained digital markets have given us monopoly, pervasive surveillance, and powerful vectors of disinformation. But a new agenda is emerging to turn things around. Read more

Money, Politics and Power

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As was not the case in 1974, Republicans now have counterfactual media that allows or compels them to ignore blatant lawbreaking. Read more