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James Jacoby, one of the filmmakers behind a PBS Frontline documentary, discusses Amazon’s bid for economic transformation. Read more

Money, Politics and Power

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And it’s doing so by leveraging its market power in extreme, perhaps illegal ways. Read more

Money, Politics and Power

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‘The Sound of Music’ and hundreds of Fox films are out; a propaganda map used by the Chinese Communist Party is in. Read more

Money, Politics and Power

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He was America’s most powerful businessman and the Treasury secretary throughout the 1920s. His corruption would lead to an impeachment inquiry. Read more



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Matt Stoller’s ‘Goliath’ seeks to recover and explain the anti-monopoly tradition of the 20th century, at a time when it is urgently needed in the 21st. Read more


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Unrestrained digital markets have given us monopoly, pervasive surveillance, and powerful vectors of disinformation. But a new agenda is emerging to turn things around. Read more

Money, Politics and Power

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The company known for Mickey Mouse is now a sprawling conglomerate in entertainment and beyond, and that’s a big problem. Read more

Money, Politics and Power


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Corporate power can be neutralized if federal agencies simply used the prodigious authority they’ve been granted. Read more

Day One Agenda


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Concentrated corporate giants like Amazon and the private prison duopoly are sustaining Trump’s cruelties in the migrant camps. Read more

Money, Politics and Power


Mary Parsons

The invisible hand is more like a thumb on the scale for the world’s elites. That’s why market fundamentalism has been unmasked as bogus economics but keeps winning politically. Read more

Economic Policy


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"The problem is a government that won't get in the fight on the side of the people."  Read more

Economic Policy


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The competition that justifies capitalism is being destroyed—by capitalists. Read more

Money, Politics and Power

How pharmacy benefit managers morphed from processors to predators Read more

Health and Social Policy