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The Trump administration has proposed to adjust how we measure poverty, in an ill-disguised attempt to cut benefit levels. Read more

Economic Policy


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The elections to the European Parliament halted the rise of the far right but produced more fragmentation—and that’s not good enough. Read more

America and the World


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Can we learn something about the right’s strategic coherence without emulating either their ideas or their contempt for democracy? Read more

Law and Justice


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America’s most liberal state government has a far-reaching plan to do just that. But does it have the will to enact it?  Read more

Economic Policy


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Trump’s ICE crackdown is increasing support for access to driver’s licenses. Read more

Civil Rights in America


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The costs of having a corporate Democrat chair the House Ways and Means Committee Read more

, Money, Politics and Power

Domestic political turmoil in the European Union’s four largest economies spells trouble ahead. Read more

Money, Politics and Power


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An overdue reform agenda awaits investigations and hearings. Read more

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Their sheer market power destroys rivals and abuses data of users. Read more

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The Trump administration's treatment of migrant children as potential criminals has meant lengthy incarcerations for thousands—and an unwelcome shift in mission for the government's children welfare specialists.  Read more

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The Tax Act sums it all up—grotesque favoritism for the rich and a corrupt legislative process. And it’s already backfiring. Read more

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Want to flip Texas and Arizona? Nearly one million Latino citizens turn 18 every year. Read more

, Housing and Transportation


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Republicans on and off the bench are moving to kill unions. But millennials—the most pro-union generation since the 1930s—may yet find a way to organize. Read more

Housing and Transportation


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Emigres from the island could be recruited to the Democratic camp, but will progressive organizing defeat right-wing money that ties relief to recruiting? Read more

Housing and Transportation


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We do need to repair or replace what's wrong with the mother of bad trade deals. But don't be fooled by Trump's posturing.  Read more

Health and Social Policy


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Truly fixing the American economy requires full employment, as Franklin Roosevelt proposed 74 years ago. And that can't be done through the private sector alone. Read more

, , Health and Social Policy

For no good reason, other than spite and symbolism, Trump goes after Central American immigrants with Temporary Protected Status. Read more

Health and Social Policy

More than lack of access to health care, the ongoing legacies of Jim Crow diminish African Americans’ health. Read more

Money, Politics and Power

American diplomacy once leaned against aspiring dictators. But Trump found reasons to cozy up to Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte at this week’s ASEAN meetings. Read more

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The Trump administration is poised to misuse its legal authority in an effort to cull people from the Medicaid rolls. Read more

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