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The U.S. war in Afghanistan has been remarkably expensive, wasteful, and destructive. As a first lieutenant, I experienced its absurdity firsthand. Read more

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The Paul Volcker who tanked the economy in 1979 did massive and needless damage. The penitent Volcker of the Obama era had far more progressive views—and no influence. Read more

Economic Policy


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His Housing for All plan includes a commission to study and grant relief to victims of fraud and abuse in the aftermath of the foreclosure crisis. Read more



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Unlike Mark Zuckerberg’s company, Google knows how to wield soft power to avoid estranging Democrats. Read more

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Obama couldn't do it, and neither could Clinton. Can any of these candidates? Read more

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Steve Mnuchin’s “fake math” analysis admits that the tax cuts will not pay for themselves. Will it matter?  Read more

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The Trump administration's decision to end the 2011 guidelines draw attention to a split in the left wing. Read more

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His legacy is being undone, and his prophetic voice is a strong antidote to Trumpism. Read more

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The last thing Democrats need, in the Trump era of faux-populism, is to be branded as the party that's cozy with Wall Street. Read more

Economic Policy

He still occupies an emotionally powerful place in the liberal imagination. Read more

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Under Trump, it's open season on health, safety, labor, financial, and environmental measures—that protect people who voted for him. Read more

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President Trump’s penchant for naming “enemies” echoes Richard Nixon’s, with one difference: Trump has a much bigger treasure trove of personal data at his disposal. Read more

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Edward Snowden deserves a plea bargain that balances his interests with those of the U.S. government. Read more

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DACA recipients are grappling with fear and uncertainty on the eve of Trump’s presidency, unsure whether they face deportation, job loss, or government abuse of their personal information. Read more

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Conservatives who indignantly hounded African Americans from government jobs during the Clinton and Obama administrations haven’t batted an eye at the overt racism of Donald Trump’s appointees. Read more

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Unions were finally on an upswing. Now, they’re staring down the barrel of the GOP’s gun.  Read more

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An interview with Joshua Partlow, author of a new book on the Karzai family and the failed U.S. mission in Afghanistan. Read more

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A congressionally chartered control board tasked with fixing Puerto Rico’s debt crisis has been stacked with banking industry executives and faces mounting public opposition. Read more

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