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That’s one reason why the upcoming caucuses may be a dry run for the big organizing needed in November’s general election. Read more


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Democrats shy from confrontation in Tuesday’s debate, but Warren may get a bounce from her not-quite-but-more-than-confrontational comeback. Read more



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The campaign has also had advisers sign non-disclosure agreements, and in at least one case attempted to lock someone up with a non-compete agreement. Read more



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Buttigieg’s corrected list of fundraisers includes a top executive at one of the vulture fund holders of Puerto Rican debt. Read more

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Rolling Stone says the religious left should welcome Pete Buttigieg’s ‘public embrace of Christianity,’ but AOC’s ‘love thy neighbor’ politics reflects the Catholic Worker roots of democratic socialism. Read more



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Biden doesn’t blither; Warren defends wealth tax; what Klobuchar sees when she looks at Buttigieg. Read more


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No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge organizers say the bundler’s personal contribution breaks the spirit of the pledge. Read more

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A presidential forum in Pittsburgh last week cemented a unified endorsement of public education—at least in public. Read more

Education in America

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Buttigieg used his dry wit to connect at The Washington Post, but his cluelessness on racism seems remarkably intact. Read more


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An allegation of a campaign finance violation in Rhode Island highlights Buttigieg’s backsliding on campaign finance transparency. Read more


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By taking super PAC support, Joe Biden and other 2020 candidates are ceding legitimacy on fighting money in politics. Read more


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Today on TAP: The consulting firm suggests cutting food and medical care for immigrants in detention Read more


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Changing the trajectory of the country is apparently off the table. Read more


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He’s shown that he doesn’t understand the daily realities of being black in America. Read more

Civil Rights in America

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Executives from the consulting firm’s energy, banking, and health care practices have maxed out to Mayor Pete’s presidential campaign. Read more

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Buttigieg summons shades of Michael Dukakis. No offense to Dukakis, but that’s not good. Read more


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And while Democratic hopefuls have swarmed the state, three-quarters of Democratic voters don’t know whom they’ll support. Read more


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Today on TAP: The ‘likeability’ question descends on Elizabeth Warren Read more


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Pete Buttigieg is coming on strong, as the Wall Street Democrat heir to a faltering Joe Biden. Can he overtake Warren and Sanders in Iowa? Read more


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Biden and Buttigieg get to avoid the cost debate, though their own proposals, if successful, will almost surely cost as much as Sanders’s. Read more