Poverty & Wealth

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CEOs, Silicon Valley investors, and techno-academics talk to themselves about new technologies, but workers must have a say in these debates as well. Read more

Working in America

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Led by Amazon, which has poured $1.4 million into defeating socialist and progressive candidates, the city’s corporate sector wants to stop dead any talk of higher taxes funding public services. Read more

Money, Politics and Power

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The diverse crowd of nearly 26,000 in New York shared a rationale for supporting the Vermont senator for president. Read more


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The strike has put 1 percent of the city’s workforce on the picket lines, and they want more than higher pay and smaller class sizes—they want a better life for their communities. Read more

Working in America


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NYC’s biggest shelter contractor makes millions, offers shoddy facilities. Read more

, Housing

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A New York assemblyman proposes a new, statewide, public payment system that could uplift downtrodden communities. Read more

Economic Policy

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But his fifth flirtation with a run may be the most offensive yet. Read more

Money, Politics and Power

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Working in America

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Today on TAP: As wealth has concentrated, investment has declined Read more



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One policy could facilitate a voice for the fastest-growing, and one of the lowest-paid, occupations in the U.S. Read more

Day One Agenda

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My fervent hope for many years could be coming true. Read more

Money, Politics and Power

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Under current authority, the post office can expand its financial services options. A major postal workers union even has it in their bargaining contract. Read more

Day One Agenda


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His Housing for All plan includes a commission to study and grant relief to victims of fraud and abuse in the aftermath of the foreclosure crisis. Read more



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The school lunch program has gone a long way to reduce childhood hunger across the country. What happens during the summer? Read more

Education in America


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Top funders behind a campaign against food stamps and Medicaid include some well-known rightwing political megadonors. Read more

Money, Politics and Power


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Biden makes use of the “Gingrich-Edwards” loophole to avoid payroll taxes. Read more

Economic Policy


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The plan, with an immediate $200 per month benefit increase, sets the left edge of the possible on a bedrock Democratic program. Read more

Economic Policy


Mike Stewart.

Victims get an email clearly intended to throttle cash awards for the data breach. A bunch of lawyers stand to gain $80 million in the exchange. Read more

Economic Policy


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Faced with few other taxes left to cut, the Trump administration is innovating new ways to make tax revenue from investment income vanish. Read more

Economic Policy