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Buttigieg’s corrected list of fundraisers includes a top executive at one of the vulture fund holders of Puerto Rican debt. Read more

Money, Politics and Power


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The president unleashes a tweetstorm against the mayor of San Juan and anything else associated with the island except, of course, his own failed leadership. Read more

Money, Politics and Power


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Of the Democratic field, only Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have returned the money.  Read more

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The fight to oust Puerto Rico’s governor electrified and unified an island normally splintered by politics. But can Puerto Ricans stay united to defend what’s left of the island’s autonomy? Read more

Money, Politics and Power


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The revelation from a new book says that pro-statehood politicians quietly took over Puerto Rico’s Democratic Party, then made a deal with Perez for their votes. Read more

Money, Politics and Power


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Congress approved $20 billion last year to help Puerto Rico recover from Hurricane Maria in 2017. Less than $14,000 has been spent on the island. Read more

Economic Policy


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The administration opposes extending food stamp funding for the islanders.  Read more

Economic Policy


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A federal court this week approved a plan that will grant predatory vulture funds a huge payday while consigning the island's citizens to 40 years of high sales taxes. Read more

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Emigres from the island could be recruited to the Democratic camp, but will progressive organizing defeat right-wing money that ties relief to recruiting? Read more

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The Puerto Rican governor’s plan to implement work requirements for welfare recipients is a cruel political ploy, not a policy solution. Read more

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To mark the 101st anniversary of Puerto Ricans gaining U.S. citizenship, members of Congress and advocates for the territory met to explore its serious, persistent problems. Read more

Economic Policy

Hurricane Maria inflicted severe damage on Puerto Rican manufacturing plants that make the plastic bags that medical facilities need to administer drugs. Read more

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Shift the debt onto the books of the Federal Reserve. If that kind of help is good enough for our largest banks, it’s also good for disaster-stricken Puerto Rico. Read more

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Some critical prescription drugs are only made on the island, and Hurricane Maria halted production at dozens of pharmaceutical factories. Read more

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The fiscal constraints the island’s bondholders have inflicted will make hurricane recovery very difficult. Read more

Economic Policy


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The restructuring of the island’s debt allows no role for the Puerto Rico’s government. Read more

Economic Policy


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A congressionally chartered control board tasked with fixing Puerto Rico’s debt crisis has been stacked with banking industry executives and faces mounting public opposition. Read more

Economic Policy


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A fiscal relief package designed to rescue Puerto Rico from default does more for wealthy bondholders than it does for the island’s struggling residents. Read more

Economic Policy


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A case before the Supreme Court could give the territory the power to restructure much of its debt—but only if Congress doesn’t get in the way.   Read more

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