Rena Steinzor

Rena Steinzor is a professor at the University of Maryland Carey Law School and was president of the Center for Progressive Reform. She is the author of Why Not Jail? Industrial Catastrophes, Corporate Malfeasance, and Government Inaction.

Under Trump, it's open season on health, safety, labor, financial, and environmental measures—that protect people who voted for him. Read more

Money, Politics and Power


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Storefront payday lenders and check-cashers are all that tens of millions of Americans have.  Read more

Economic Policy


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In a drastic power grab, the House has approved a measure that would strip executive agencies of the authority to issue significant new regulations. Read more

Economic Policy

A burgeoning and little-regulated private industry that specially mixes drugs at so-called compounding pharmacies poses a public-health hazard that the Trump administration is about to make a whole lot worse. Read more

Health and Social Policy

The stalemate on criminal justice reform.  Read more

Money, Politics and Power