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The victory sets a standard that their union hopes to match as contracts expire up and down the East Coast. Read more

Working in America

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The strike has put 1 percent of the city’s workforce on the picket lines, and they want more than higher pay and smaller class sizes—they want a better life for their communities. Read more

Working in America

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At a labor forum in Los Angeles, real issues faced by workers took center stage over political noise. Read more

Working in America

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Up and down the East Coast, SEIU’s janitorial contracts are expiring. D.C.’s janitors expect a better one—and if they don’t get it, they’ll strike. Read more

Working in America


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Can unions change labor law so that they can reach a deal with all employers? Read more

Working in America


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Hector Figueroa, 1962–2019 Read more

Working in America


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But unions were sharply divided about how to deal with the tech giant. Read more

Energy and the Environment

The union behind the Fight for 15 is running a massive political program to elect Clinton and a Democratic Senate. Read more

Money, Politics and Power


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The union leader on the intersection of racial and economic justice, winning union recognition, and the electoral power of low-wage workers.    Read more

Money, Politics and Power


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Faced with the prospect of an airport strike that could have blocked convention delegates from landing in Philadelphia, senior Democratic officials pressured American Airlines to the bargaining table. Read more

Money, Politics and Power


Jake Blumgart

An SEIU mega-local representing janitors and secruity guards rallies ahead of tough contract negotiations this fall.  Read more

Civil Rights in America

The fight over who will succeed Andy Stern as president of SEIU is missing one thing -- a plan to reverse labor's recent failures. Read more