Simon Lazarus

Simon Lazarus is a lawyer, former White House domestic policy staffer for President Jimmy Carter, and a writer on the Supreme Court’s handling of legal checks on corporate power and other legal issues.


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For decades, only social conservatives made the courts a make-or-break voting issue. Can liberals now up their game and win the war? Read more

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Highlight his belief in unchecked presidential power, and the danger it poses to the ACA and the Mueller investigation. Read more

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Monday’s ruling banning employee class-action suits could open the door to destroying non-union workers' rights. Read more

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A review of Richard L. Hasen’s The Justice of Contradictions: Antonin Scalia and the Politics of Disruption Read more

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And though the Court will rule before July, hardly anyone has noticed it. Read more

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Target his highest enabler: The Supreme Court. Read more

Economic Policy

The Court's campaign against individual court enforcement of consumer, employee, retiree, and other statutory protections has been a secret hiding in plain sight for the last four decades. Congress is finally taking notice. Read more


Despite lip service to "judicial restraint" Scalia has been waging a war against consumer product regulation as well as protections for workers, at both the state and federal level. Read more


When most Americans think about the Supreme Court's effect, they think about such cultural hot-buttons as abortion, or due process for terrorists. Read more


How should progressives think about and respond to the assaults of the Roberts Court? Here are three quick and simple suggestions. Read more


This week's ruling is yet another in a series of disastrous right-wing decisions by the Roberts Court. Read more


John Roberts won Senate confirmation by vowing to shun ideological activism. Instead, he's trashed judicial precedent. Read more