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Today on TAP: Do Republican senators think presidential elections are as important as baseball? Read more


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What the numbers show: To love the Nats is to loathe the president. Read more


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Today on TAP: The most powerful thing in the world Read more


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Today on TAP: Cowed by China, and cash Read more


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The NCAA’s feeble attack on a California bill allowing that is full of sound and fury, but little substance. Read more

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An NCAA/Defense Department joint research program is flawed, because it compares populations of concussion victims that are not comparable. Read more

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Professional sports teams have made little progress in elevating African Americans to the top slots on the field. Read more

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The former quarterback’s new deal with Nike could have mixed effects on social justice. Read more

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Taking a knee is in the best American tradition of protest. Read more

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American athletes have used their celebrity to spotlight injustices, but the NFL protests may be the largest in professional sports history. Still, there’s more they can do to challenge Trump and his allies.  Read more

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Demonstrations should be careful not to play into the president’s hands. Read more

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The president declines to throw out baseball’s ceremonial first pitch on Monday and face a certain barrage of boos. Read more

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A new exhibit spotlights American Jews and the fight for equality in baseball.  Read more

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The Ken Burns documentary airing on PBS this week demonstrates how the fight to break baseball’s racial barrier went beyond Robinson’s personal heroism and rested on a broad political movement. Read more

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During Women's History Month, it's important to remember how recently female athletes were excluded from college basketball. Read more

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March Madness now brings in more cash than the Super Bowl, but its star players won't see a dime.  Read more

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The 'are you black enough?' question is perilously close to the racist one-drop rule of yore—whether called by blacks or whites. Read more

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