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Using the power granted under the Higher Education Act, Warren vows to cancel student debt on day one. Read more

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In 2005 amendments to the bill, Biden voted against borrowers drowning in medical debt, seniors, servicemembers, union members, and victims of deadbeat dads. Read more


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Compared to the boomers, they’re way behind. Read more

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The bankruptcy expert releases a proposal that doubles as an indictment of Biden’s role in passing the 2005 bankruptcy law. Read more



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Two new books focus on the struggles of low-income students not just to get into college but to get through it. Read more

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Today on TAP: Betsy DeVos’s mismanagement backfires Read more



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An obscure, decades-old provision called “compromise and settlement” authority could allow the Department of Education to opt out of collecting trillions in debt. Read more

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Policymakers need to pay attention to the deregulation of these student loan-type products happening in Indiana. Read more

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The economists and professors say that debt relief can improve and stabilize the U.S. economy. Read more

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Student debt companies line the pockets of CEOs and shareholders through stock buybacks at the expense of students. Read more

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The Department of Education moves to limit state consumer protections against student loan servicers and for-profit colleges Read more

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While the administration rolls back the weak protections that exist, more than a dozen states have proposed reforming the largely unregulated student loan industry. Read more

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Soaring tuitions and student loan debt are placing higher education beyond the reach of many American students. It’s time to make college free and accessible to all. Read more

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Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have proposed plans to ease the crippling debt burdening African American students, but their plans diverge in predictable ways. Read more

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A conversation with economist Marshall Steinbaum on how we should rethink inequality and higher education.  Read more

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