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The candidate with the most money, most committed supporters, and now the highest early-state poll numbers was dismissed by the Democratic establishment for months. It was a disqualifying mistake. Read more

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The 2020 Democratic primary has been as much about how candidates raise money as what they want to do once in office. Read more

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By taking super PAC support, Joe Biden and other 2020 candidates are ceding legitimacy on fighting money in politics. Read more



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The super PAC has made independent political expenditures to support Sinema's elections, and Sinema has directed donations to it through a PAC she used to chair. Read more


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This week, Unite the Country announced its top staffers, most of whom either work for major corporations or run groups funded by corporate interests. Read more

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Democrats are big on purity tests, but it will take a lot more than gimmicks to solve the party’s political money conundrum. Read more

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Democratic representatives tee up major changes if they take the House in November. Read more

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Having met with skepticism earlier this month when they lodged an FEC complaint challenging super PACs, reform advocates are now rallying behind a St. Petersburg ordinance that would ban super PACs locally. Read more

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Super PACs are bound by election laws to disclose their funding sources, but increasingly big donors are routing their money through “shell corporations” to hide their identities. Read more

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Candidate-specific super PACs have raised more than $250 million in this election and have taken over basic campaign functions. Read more

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