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Trump’s stonewall could pose a problem for some Senate Republicans—and provide a protective cover for the Supreme Court’s GOP-niks. Read more



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When it comes to LGBT workplace rights, the justices will rule on whether the landmark 1964 statute means what it says and says what it means. Read more

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How the Supreme Court might frustrate the effort to use statutory authority to advance a progressive agenda, and why the next president should follow through anyway Read more

Day One Agenda


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Last week, Trump took his fight against asylum seekers straight to the top, and the Supreme Court okayed it. Sotomayor and Ginsburg thought that set a scary precedent. Read more

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A year after Janus v. AFSCME, right-to-work forces organize against organized labor in California. Read more

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A Supreme Court ruling nullifies a core piece of the 21st Amendment: state control of alcohol markets. Read more

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The justices deny relief from gerrymandering, and hold up the citizenship question on the census … for now. Read more

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Entrenched power is the problem. What can be done about it? Read more

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And the conservative justices will have to choose between their self-proclaimed allegiance to what a law says and their social biases. Read more

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Two cases the Court is considering taking could undermine collective bargaining—and democracy as we know it.  Read more

Working in America


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Congress actually has a lot of mostly unused power to rein in the Roberts Court by clarifying the intent of the law. Read more

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To advance the conservative agenda, Roberts invokes the fiction of a nonpartisan judiciary.  Read more

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A law professor who works with juvenile offenders believes that the judge’s behavior during his Senate Judiciary Committee hearing disqualifies him from a lifetime appointment. Read more

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Kavanaugh, or his replacement, will be the fifth Republican justice sitting illegitimately.  Read more

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When Democrats next hold Congress and the presidency, they could see their entire agenda nullified by the Court’s right-wing majority. Read more

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Three cases provide cues on how the Court may handle race and criminal justice questions that are roiling the country. Read more

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The transformative potential of a shift in even one seat Read more

Money, Politics and Power


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Most progressives would rank Citizens United v. FEC as the worst ruling ever handed down by the Supreme Court under Chief Justice John Roberts. But five other rulings are turning out to be even more disastrous. Read more

Law and Justice

Two recent rulings by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas spotlight the limitations of originalist readings of the Constitution, which would dominate a Court controlled by conservatives. Read more