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The case rests on whether that decision is reviewable by the courts or not. Read more

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Brittany Gibson

Recipients of DACA and TPS brought their fight to the steps of the courthouse. Read more

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Five possibilities for strengthening the Court and rebuilding public trust Read more

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The conservative Roberts Court has become increasingly aggressive in attacking Democratic laws and policies. It’s time for Democrats to counterattack. Read more

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It sounds bad, but it would likely enable a Democratic president to get rid of an unqualified, anti-regulatory Consumer Financial Protection director immediately. Read more

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The Court heard a case about whether to allow states to set immigration policies. Here’s what it was like inside the courtroom. Read more

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Trump’s stonewall could pose a problem for some Senate Republicans—and provide a protective cover for the Supreme Court’s GOP-niks. Read more



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When it comes to LGBT workplace rights, the justices will rule on whether the landmark 1964 statute means what it says and says what it means. Read more

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Victor Juhasz

How the Supreme Court might frustrate the effort to use statutory authority to advance a progressive agenda, and why the next president should follow through anyway Read more

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Last week, Trump took his fight against asylum seekers straight to the top, and the Supreme Court okayed it. Sotomayor and Ginsburg thought that set a scary precedent. Read more

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Voting rights advocates and litigators in Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and other key states are fighting against gerrymandering—and reaping dividends just in time for 2021. Read more

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A year after Janus v. AFSCME, right-to-work forces organize against organized labor in California. Read more

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A Supreme Court ruling nullifies a core piece of the 21st Amendment: state control of alcohol markets. Read more

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The five Republican justices’ gerrymandering decision ensures GOP rule even when the party’s in the minority. Read more

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The justices deny relief from gerrymandering, and hold up the citizenship question on the census … for now. Read more

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Entrenched power is the problem. What can be done about it? Read more

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Republicans have stymied the filling of Democratic seats in independent agencies. There doesn’t appear to be any plan to confront this. Read more

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And the conservative justices will have to choose between their self-proclaimed allegiance to what a law says and their social biases. Read more

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Trump’s intention is to undercount noncitizens, and Supreme Court conservatives appear on board. Read more

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