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Suzanne Gordon is the Senior Policy Fellow at the Veterans' Health Care Policy Institute, as well as a journalist and co-editor of a Cornell University Press series on health-care work and policy issues. Her latest book is The Battle for Veterans' Healthcare: Dispatches from the Frontlines of Policy Making and Patient Care. She has won a Special Recognition Award from Disabled American Veterans for her writing on veterans' health issues, much of which has appeared in The American Prospect. Her website is


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Trump officials set the agency up to fail with a new program that outsources veterans health care to the private sector. Read more

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While proponents of privatization, ignoring the evidence, find one more reason to attack her.  Read more

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Even VA privatizers agree that the MISSION Act is likely to stumble. Read more

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Acutely aware that its privatization plan has little support among veterans, the VA has launched a PR blitz to obscure what it's doing.  Read more

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The VA's plan to implement the recently passed MISSION Act could seriously imperil veteran health care—and push the department even further toward privatization.  Read more

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Trump's new appointee to head the Department of Veterans Affairs will likely do little to oppose the privatization of veterans' health care. Read more

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A GOP bid to muzzle federal workers at the Veterans Health Administration will directly harm patients. Read more

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The Veterans Health Administration faces a staffing crisis, despite exemptions to President Trump’s recent federal hiring freeze.  Read more

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Trump's pick to head the VA is actually someone who is both qualified and committed to the department's mission. Read more

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