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The U.S. war in Afghanistan has been remarkably expensive, wasteful, and destructive. As a first lieutenant, I experienced its absurdity firsthand. Read more

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The president of the United States stokes the right-wing disinformation machine. Read more

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At a press conference, the president blamed the melee in Charlottesville on the left as much as the right, echoing far-right talking points. Read more

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By his refusal to condemn white nationalism after the Charlottesville murder, Trump acknowledges that virulent racism is the linchpin of his presidency. Read more

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Disclosure of secret U.S. government laws is especially urgent now that an admirer of Vladimir Putin is ascending to the presidency. Read more

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President Obama is winding down his final term with a push to curb nuclear weapons and close detention facilities, but his overreliance on military drones threatens to tarnish his administration’s foreign-policy legacy. Read more

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Issues of religion, gender, and mistrust could further complicate efforts to return former fighters to their communities. Read more

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In 1991 George H.W. Bush promised a “New World Order.” A quarter of a century later, we’re finally catching a glimpse of it—like it or not. Read more

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Targets of terror in France and Germany have shifted from well-defened government facilities to more vulnerable public spaces.  Read more

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