Trump and the World

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Ten ways Trump has launched a relentless assault on the very idea of Israeli-Palestinian peace Read more

America and the World

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Avishek Das/SOPA/Sipa via AP Images

The Indian prime minister’s global rehabilitation began before Trump, and it’s culminating in vicious anti-Muslim policies. Read more

America and the World

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The ‘debunked’ Ukraine narrative, which Devin Nunes and other right-wing buffoons have advanced, is the handiwork of a serious adversary. Read more


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With his love of conspiracy theories and associations with criminal elements, the president’s personal attorney may well be the agent of Trump’s destruction. Read more


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Today on TAP: Another day, another trade war Read more


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No G7 country is close to reducing greenhouse gas emissions to a level necessary to prevent excessive warming. Read more

America and the World

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Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi are discussing an agreement that would lock the world’s second-most-populous country into exclusive prescription drug arrangements. Read more

America and the World

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Seth Wenig/AP Photo

Trump’s policy is no longer in the spotlight, but the ban on visitors from Muslim-majority countries is still separating American families. Read more

Civil Rights in America


Bahrain News Agency via AP

It took the president’s son-in-law, envoy, and ambassador 874 days to put together a great big glossy nothing-burger. Read more

Money, Politics and Power


AP Photo/Ariel Schalit, File

The president is dismantling the post-World War II measures meant to prevent another such catastrophe. Historical ignorance is his enabler. Read more

America and the World

Will Robert Lighthizer restrain Donald Trump’s impulse to take a headline-grabbing and self-defeating China deal? Read more

Money, Politics and Power

Will Trump destroy the global order that the U.S. has led? Read more

America and the World

How Donald Trump will take America to war Read more

America and the World

Authoritarian democracy is on the march on both sides of the Atlantic. Despite alarming parallels, the U.S. remains better positioned to preserve and rebuild true democracy. Read more

America and the World