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Today on TAP: In California, big business tries to overturn pro-worker legislation Read more



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By announcing it would not comply with a California law reclassifying its workers as employees, Uber is returning to the company’s time-honored tradition as a scofflaw. Read more

Law and Justice


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If AB 5 becomes law, it could open the floodgates to similar legislation in other states. Uber and other companies may then find themselves on the defensive. Read more

Working in America


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A state bill that would reclassify most independent contractors as employees is revealing fractures between Obama-era Democrats and those seeking to lead the party into the future. Read more

Working in America


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Some money-losing transit districts shift to ridesharing—but the cost for that may prove even greater. Read more

Housing and Transportation


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The Board chose today to release a month-old memo saying Uber drivers can’t unionize.        Read more

Working in America


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The strike by Uber and Lyft drivers came amidst highly anticipated initial public offerings from the two rideshare giants. Read more

Working in America


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As the rideshare app goes public, contract workers are striking for benefits and a living wage. Read more

, Working in America

To fight traffic congestion, the New York City Council plans to vote on new curbs on Uber and Lyft. But some civil rights advocates are not on board. Read more

Civil Rights in America


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Uber whistleblowers reveal more scandal Read more

Energy and the Environment

Why Uber’s business model keeps bleeding money—and how it might yet right itself as a useful but less grandiose venture Read more



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Passengers who often face discrimination when trying to hail a taxi can turn to ride-sharing apps. Was that just an accident, or will those companies work to better serve low-income and minority areas? Read more

Civil Rights in America

The labor movement's agenda was on full display in Philadelphia, as was the Democratic Party's emerging rift between unions and Silicon Valley.  Read more

Money, Politics and Power

The metropolitan region's progressive groups have come together in a union-led, community-based movement for a sustainable city. Read more

Working in America


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Saudi Arabia becomes Uber's biggest investor, the rideshare company introduces a controversial leasing program, and OUR Walmart struggles after losing union funding.   Read more

Working in America

Uber recently settled one lawsuit, but its drivers remain contractors and several court challenges loom—including one that puts the ride-sharing service in the crosshairs of antitrust law. Read more

Working in America


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What the Uber settlement and the SEIU-Unite HERE fracas means for labor as it navigates Silicon Valley disruption.  Read more

Working in America