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Krystal Ramirez/Las Vegas Sun via AP

Today on TAP: The practical challenge of UNITE HERE’s health plan Read more


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Matthew Umstead/The Herald-Mail via AP

Today on TAP: The return of the strike Read more



Damairs Carter/MediaPunch/IPX

It’s one of the best. Which means Medicare for All advocates have a genuine policy challenge, not just a political one. Read more

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Gene Johnson/AP Photo

Workers stage a job action at a major Seattle hospital to win better patient care—and their temp replacements may not even be credentialed. Read more

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Jake May/ Flint Journal via AP

The PRO Act, which comes to the floor of the House today, is a very good start. Read more

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Cameron Kiszla/Park Labrea News/Beverly Press

Union drives in cultural institutions like museums are exposing hypocrisy—and perhaps, expanding the popular image of labor rights. Read more

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Martin Scorsese’s new movie and a Harvard professor’s new book provide a picture, but only partial explanations, of the Teamster leader’s ultimately suicidal rage. Read more

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Courtesy Sarah Riggs Amico campaign

How Senate candidate Sarah Riggs Amico, running against ex-CEO David Perdue in Georgia, sacrificed her family business investment to save jobs and pensions. Read more



Matthew Hendrickson/Chicago Sun-Times via AP

The new Clean Slate report alerts the public and policymakers about the dismal state of worker power and worker voice. Read more

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John Locher/AP Photo

The billionaire has used an ad blitz to get into the conversation in Nevada. His position on health care could entice the state’s most powerful union. Read more



Famartin - Wikimedia Commons

State legislative staff in Delaware have become the first in the country to seek to unionize. Read more

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Andrew Harnik/AP Photo

Postal unions fear that the Trump administration will use the selection of the next postmaster general to initiate its agenda of postal privatization. Read more

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Michael Dwyer/AP Photo

Despite facing higher hurdles than their U.S. counterparts, they’re in the vanguard of campus worker activism. Read more

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Keith Srakocic/AP Photo

A presidential forum in Pittsburgh last week cemented a unified endorsement of public education—at least in public. Read more

Education in America

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E.J. Flynn/AP Photo

Los Angeles’s hotel and restaurant local is no giant, but it has blazed trails for the entire American labor movement. Read more

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Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP Photo

Despite continual rumors that a deal on the update to the North American trade agreement is imminent, House Democrats and Trump are far apart. Read more

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Marcia Brown

The Duterte regime plants ‘evidence’ on call center union members who declined to scab when U.S. workers walked off the job. Read more

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Jake May/The Flint Journal via AP

Rank-and-file members of the UAW approve the agreement, but with major opposition from workers whose plants may yet be closed. Read more

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Albin Lohr-Jones/Sipa USA via AP Images

Unlike other unions over the last 30 years, CWA has continued to strike—and continued to win. Their enduring preparedness starts with something as simple as wearing red. Read more

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Bebeto Matthews/AP Photo

The victory sets a standard that their union hopes to match as contracts expire up and down the East Coast. Read more

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