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Working in America

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Up and down the East Coast, SEIU’s janitorial contracts are expiring. D.C.’s janitors expect a better one—and if they don’t get it, they’ll strike. Read more

Working in America


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One policy could facilitate a voice for the fastest-growing, and one of the lowest-paid, occupations in the U.S. Read more

Day One Agenda

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The longest nationwide strike at the automaker since 1970 is reawakening a spirit among union members about what it means to take collective action. Read more

Working in America


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The biggest autoworker strike since the financial crisis could serve as a renewal for a union battered by corruption scandals. Read more

Working in America


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Don’t believe the lies. Today’s unions are growing, expanding, and boosting the wages and economic prospects of those who need them most. Read more

Working in America


David Dayen

A coalition of unions representing more than 80,000 workers has authorized a walkout that would begin in October—and used Labor Day to pressure management. Read more

Working in America


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Can unions change labor law so that they can reach a deal with all employers? Read more

Working in America


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The National Labor Relations Board is not just changing rules but reversing long-standing precedents. Read more

Money, Politics and Power


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Employers have aggressively dismantled unions and impeded organizing efforts. That's why we need fundamental reform of labor law. Read more

Working in America


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A Bargaining for the Common Good approach to the climate crisis Read more

Working in America


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Workplace organizing is helping immigrants to understand their rights as ICE and other immigration authorities crack down. Read more

Working in America


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He claims that Medicare for All will be comprehensive with no duplicative insurance. But he promises unions that they can have something extra. Read more

Working in America


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A veteran labor reporter finds hope for unions in boycotts, minimum-wage campaigns, and strikes. Read more

Economic Policy


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Hector Figueroa, 1962–2019 Read more

Working in America


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The NLRB persists in its fight to outlaw Scabby the Rat, the balloon rodent who helps out workers when they picket their bosses. Read more

Books, Arts and Culture


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And a trade policy that doesn’t reward offshoring factories to nations that don’t curtail pollution Read more

Working in America


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Some labor leaders have already scorched proposals like the Green New Deal even as affected sectors continue to lose jobs. Read more

Working in America