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Stephen Smith’s movement-based campaign has released the first of 32 bottom-up proposals to change the state. It includes a wealth tax. Read more


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Recent critiques of the proposed levies hinge on breathing new life into the Constitutional Convention’s infamous compromise with slavery. Read more

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Today on TAP: A Times report shows why we need a new kind of economic policy and analysis Read more


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There are basically only five ways to accumulate a billion dollars, and none of them has to do with being successful in free market capitalism. Read more

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A French economist finds that America’s tax structure lies at the heart of inequality. Read more

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The folly of voluntary charity as a substitute for government tax and transfer policies is most evident in the story of the Giving Pledge. Read more

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Today on TAP: As wealth has concentrated, investment has declined Read more



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Contrary to the skeptics, taxing wealth is both feasible and constitutional. It’s also the most progressive form of taxation available. Read more

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With the estate tax further weakened, is it time to pivot to an inheritance tax? Read more

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