The Town Hall Debate: A Binder of GIFs

Why does the Republican always win the coin toss?


Mitt promises a job to a soon-to-be-college-grad.


Mitt says that Obama bankrupted the auto industry.


Obama decides to show up this time.


The candidates both love "clean" coal.


Mitt makes "middle-class tax cuts" sound better than Obama does.


Obama tries to parse Mitt's deficit math.


Apparently, our economy is on "the road to Greece"?


Obama on the way back to his stool:


Mitt's "binders full of women":


Every woman watching:


Mitt says the time-keepers are broken.


Candy shuts him down.


Mitt says "every woman in America should have access to contraceptives."




Mitt refers to "undocumented illegals."


But Obama also says he's into deportation.


Obama owns his answer about recent terrorism in Libya ...


... and Candy's fact-check backs him up.


Obama calls for a comprehensive gun-control strategy.


Mitt's answer to gun violence: marriage.


Obama to Romney:


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